How to Boost Your Business With the Right Kind of Digital Marketing

The scenario in business and marketing has undergone a remarkable amount of change over the years. Nowadays digital marketing has become a prominent feature of business development plans of all businesses. To make your online presence effective in your targeted market or globally, there are full suites of marketing services. For increasing revenue generation, enhancement of your online brand identity and to boost your market share, planning and formulating digital marketing techniques is the very first step. The digital marketing strategies should be planned in such a way, that they assist in driving impressive customer engagement and establish outstanding brand loyalty. The digital marketing services you are using should not only draw massive potential traffic to your website but should also have the capacity to convert the online visitors into prospects and customers. It should also focus on online marketing of your product. Social media can be used as a medium to create great hype for your product. Viral marketing and mobile marketing can be of immense help in circulating your business story. The digital platforms can be used for effective promotion, advertising and sales.

Online Marketing

Online marketing or digital marketing is a process in which you can promote your business and website through internet-connected services. Social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, search engine marketing, mobile advertising and online advertising are the discipline which helps you in promoting your business.

Among these, Facebook is the most popular medium and it directly connects you to maximum number of people and helps you to reach any specific market easily. However, while opting for digital marketing services you should always keep in mind that Facebook advertises should be targeted to your exact audience. It is also important to create and manage a functional Facebook page according to your business requirements.

Professional SEO services are very important to promote your business as they trigger the ranking of your website and help you get organic results for a set of specific keywords that your target audiences search on different search engines. Thus, the overall traffic of your website will get uplifted and you will have maximum online visibility.

The social media optimization services are also there to help your brand grab the attention of the target audience. By creating a profile page in the most popular social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, you will get attention of those who are interested in your product or services.

While opting for SEO services, check whether they are ethical or not. SEO helps you in connecting with your target audience and enhances the popularity of your brand. It helps you in getting acquainted with new markets and popularize your brand globally. However, this cannot be possible without ethical SEO techniques and standard web practices. Thus, it is very important to have a thorough knowledge of online marketing and its disciplines before taking help of a digital marketing agency.

Traditional German Christmas Markets

In Europe the Christmas Markets take over the town center, the market square, or the narrow, cobblestone streets and they all come alive in the dark of winter with festive decorated wooden stalls offering hot wine, regional food, Christmas decorations, sweet confections, toys, regional crafts and local entertainment.

Here we highlight some of the German Christmas markets, celebrating the magic of the season with holiday decorations and traditions such as Gingerbread, and Christmas Carols.

Winter is a wonderful time to visit the beautiful German Christmas markets. If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts, the wonderful smell of a Christmas tree or the sound of Christmas carols, check out the following with the whole family – the best Christmas markets in Germany.

AACHEN Christmas Market – 20th November – 23rd December

Just before Christmas the squares and streets round the Cathedral and the Aachen Town Hall are transformed into a paradise of lights, colors, festive sounds and seductive smells.. The fair offers an enormous choice of goodies big and small fascinating young and old alike.

Christkindelsmarkt – BADEN-BADEN – 23rd November – 31st December

Located in the world-famous green corridor “Lichtentaler Allee” at the start of Baden-Baden, visitors will encounter small streets of festive stalls, where thousands of shimmering lights create a romantic atmosphere. The entire experience is capped with wonderful entertainment catering to all ages.


One of the region’s largest and prettiest Christmas markets with around 100 stalls offering a selection of arts and crafts, Christmas decorations, handcrafted nativity scenes and more you are invited to marvel, browse and shop. Younger visitors enjoy Christmas treats, a children’s bakery, merry-go-rounds and a program of Christmas entertainment on the open-air stage.

The baroque Charlottenburg Palace in City West is a plush backdrop. Elaborate lights bathe the market, the palace, the trees and decorative fence of the palace in a romantic glow. The highlight is a pyramid in front of the palace’s main entrance.

Wood huts and tents, decorated with natural materials offer a wide range of crafts and impressive culinary choices. In addition to traditional stalls selling hot chestnuts, crepes or Hungarian langos, many hotels and restaurants from Berlin and Brandenburg offer fine dining in heated tents.

The Winterwald (winter forest) in front of the small orangery offers magical attractions for children, including a carousel, an air swing and a small railway. In the Märchenzelt (fairy tale tent) little ones can make their own arts and crafts. Combine a visit to the market with a palace tour or walk through its garden.

COLOGNE – 23 November – 23 December 2015

In Cologne the magic of Christmas can be felt throughout the festively decorated city. The scent of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine drifts through the alleys. You will be enchanted with Cologne’s Christmas Markets that draw millions of visitors from around the world. The larger markets in the downtown and the small markets throughout the town offer different themes and invite you to stroll, shop and explore.

DRESDEN – 26th November – 24th December

If you like Christmas, you’ll love Dresden with its eleven completely different Christmas markets, from traditional stalls to the charm of après ski alpine huts. Dresden’s churches brim with festive insider tips, from the many oratorios, Advent, organ and gospel concerts, holiday sounds fill the air throughout the city.

Christmas tales come to life in the city’s theatres, museums host special exhibitions and bejewelled, lighted boats glide along the Elbe. If only Christmas could last longer

DUSSEFDORF – 19th November – 23rd December

The city gears up for Christmas after the St Martins Parade.. The traditional Christmas market Is set up at various locations throughout the City centre. Elaborately designed theme worlds are set up around the Königsallee to lead visitors on a discovery tour.

More than 200 huts decorated in Christmas splendor transform the city into a winter wonderland for the whole family.. One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, Düsseldorf provides unique experiences for visitors.

LEIPZIG Christmas market – 24th November – 23rd December.

This market dates back to 1458 and is set up in 6 different areas in tune with the historical scenery of the Leipzig city centre. With more than 250 twinkling stalls set in the historic centre, the Christmas Market is one of the oldest and largest in Germany. Visitors enjoy a multitude of festive and culinary delights: or can explore the city’s traditional medieval market.

The main area is Marktplatz (market square) where a Saxon spruce Christmas tree as high as twenty meters stands and a wide variety of performances are offered on the market square stage. Seasonal views can be seen from the 38-metre-high ferris wheel on Augustusplatz square.

NUREMBURG – 27th November – 24th December

Enjoy the aroma of gingerbread, mulled wine and grilled sausage at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. First mentioned in 1628, its roots probably go back to the time of Luther, when giving children Christmas presents started. Since then the 180 stalls decorated in red and white offer a unique atmosphere with traditional wares such as handmade Christmas decorations and culinary treats.

The Market is opened on the Friday before the first Advent by the “Christkind” a blonde curly-haired lady wearing a golden crown and golden white gown. She proclaims “You men and women who once were children, be young again”, as she welcomes guests to the Nuremberg Market Square. Childish enthusiasm awaits as you explore Christmas tree decorations, tinsel angels, wooden nutcrackers, cribs and colored stars walking through the romantically lit market.

ROTHENBURG – 27th November – 23rd December

The medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber transforms into a fairytale winter wonderland at Christmas time. Celebrated since the 15th century tradition has changed little over the last 500 years and the historical customs have been closely followed. Find your heart desires at this charming market, from traditional Christmas pastries, mulled wine, Gadgets and treasures as well as lovingly crafted Christmas decorations.

STUTTGART- 25th November – 23rd December

During the weeks of Advent the Stuttgart Region is bathed in a yuletide glow. With its 287 stalls and a tradition of more than 300 years, the Stuttgart Christmas Market is one of the loveliest in Germany and one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Europe. Ornately and lovingly decorated the stallholders compete for a jury awarded prize for the most beautiful stall. The town hall is transformed into a gigantic Advent calendar. Each day a “door” is opened, revealing by degrees the coats of arms of Stuttgart’s boroughs.

Marketing Oversell

As a person who helps small business owners increase their online presence and drive customers to their brick and mortar location, I am fully aware of the need to market B2B, B2C and marketing in general. But I have noticed a trend that has really begun to irritate, bug, no, drive me crazy! It is the marketing oversell. You know what I mean; the barrage of “Amazing” offers from the same person (company) in your email inbox or the constant direct mail that falls out of your mailbox like a cascading waterfall or six slippery bats out hell!

Marketing Oversell – Preaching To the Choir

Okay, so like I said, I really do understand to need to market. If we don’t market our services, products or company we will more likely die as a business; heck, I wrote a blog post about “You can’t stop marketing”, so I really do understand the need for it. But, come on! I am not sure what course was taken or who pulled you to the side and told you that the best way to market to your customers is to dump as much junk on them and sprinkle in some useful information but stop it!

As a business owner, I don’t have time to go through all of that stuff and I honestly begin to feel like I am being stalked by some crazed sales person. I need useful Intel and I don’t really know who you are to trust that you can deliver what you say that you can. I am a business owner! Please treat me like one and not someone who is looking for a “get rich quick” scheme. Basically, you are using your full arsenal to sell me something that I may really need but I can’t get through your pitch; you are preaching to the choir on this one and I really can’t hear you.

Marketing Oversell- You Are Part of the Static

I can’t hear you! Sorry for the dramatics but, I just wanted to make a point. I am not sure how many of you have experienced some of the things that I have addressed so far, but if you haven’t, great for you because it can become extremely annoying at times when these things happen. So, you go to check your email (I try to wait until after lunch, I tend to lose most of my mornings if I check them first) and there is an email from the same person that emailed you yesterday about their product and today is the “LAST DAY” for you to take advantage of their great deal.

And you look at the rest of your inbox and there are at least six to ten similar emails with the same subject line almost. Listen, if you are reading this and you know that you are guilty of doing this, I need you to pay attention; I am not mad at you, it is not your fault-I blame the person who taught you 1990s or early 2000s marketing strategies. Listen, I need you to understand a few things that will greatly improve your conversation rate and possibly gain you some repeat customers:

  • People generally don’t respond favorably to this kind of marketing tactic. They tend to delete your email without even opening it.
  • Because there are more people like you that have been poorly trained in this area of marketing, people are bombarded with similar emails that look just like yours. You are part of the noise, part of the static.
  • Because you have chosen to use this form of marketing, you have eliminated the most important aspects of successful marketing; WE DON’T TRUST YOU! That’s because WE DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Yep! When you market to me using all of the slick, sensational copy, I know that you don’t know me and made no attempt for us to get to know each other. You are lost in a sea of people trying to sell me something that I may really need but I will never know because you have placed yourself in with everyone else that doesn’t me but wants me to buy from them.

Marketing Oversell- You Are Ruining It for Good People

Okay, I know that I must sound like I am doing a “Jerry McGuire” (McQuire, not sure which spelling to use) and write a marketing manifesto, but I am not. I just can’t take it anymore! Listen, there are a lot of good products and services that we all need and I believe that we are missing out on them because of this type of marketing oversell. If you are one of those people who has great products and services then I want to try to help you out.

Inbound marketing is the best way to go. You are more likely to not only earn new customers but, you will be able to retain more of your existing customers if you choose this type of marketing. HubSpot has some great information regarding inbound marketing.

I know that there are more good products and services out there waiting to be bought and sold if we could just get through all of the static and noise. As marketers, we have to do better, we have to stay relevant and know how our customers think when it comes to making purchases. We have to stay on top of our customers spending trends and habits and by all means; STOP PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!

The Amazing Christmas Markets in the UK

Christmas is coming to town! Discover the best Christmas markets in the most beautiful destinations in the United Kingdom. Enjoy their Christmas decorations, their beautiful Christmas trees, the best places to find original Christmas gifts for the whole family in the best Christmas destinations in the United Kingdom.

Make the whole experience a Christmas to remember with a visit to the markets and perhaps a Christmas show or event and overnight in your favorite city.

BATH: 26th November – 13th December

This 18 day Christmas shopping extravaganza in Bath is regularly voted as one of the most popular Christmas Shopping events in South West England. The market consists of more than 170 beautifully decorated wooden chalets in the heart of Bath’s World Heritage Site.

Every year there are lots of new and exciting stallholders offering a wide array of unique high-quality artisan products in keeping with Baths’ Christmas Market tradition of being distinctively British, each chalet sells a variety of high-quality artisan products. Over 70% of stallholders are businesses from surrounding areas around Bath and Bath itself – a city that boasts a unique mix of independents, designer boutiques and high street brands. 60% of goods available at the market are handmade in the UK.

A perfect and magical setting for a Christmas Market set in the picturesque streets surrounding Bath Abbey the Bath Christmas Market creates a romantic atmosphere and attracts thousands of visitors from across the UK.

BIRMINGHAM: 12th November – 22nd December

Birmingham offers the largest authentic Christmas German market outside of Germany and Austria, with millions of visitors every year. Combining the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market and the Craft Market, the market has grown to over 180 stalls. The Markets cover New Street, Victoria Square and Centenary Square.

The Birmingham, Frankfurt Christmas Market offers a wide range of products, including Christmas decorations, handcrafted jewelry, carved wooden toys, sausages, beer and pretzels, while the Christmas Craft Market offers handmade crafts, soaps and candles made by local artisans, and a wide range of unique and quirky items imported from around the world.

Ideal for all the family, make it a day with a visit to the Markets and then enjoy a visit to the Ice rink and the Ferris Wheel.

GLASGOW: 13th November – 20th December

Glasgow Christmas Market in St. Enoch Square is the perfect place for a Christmas shopping visit- a city center filled with a backdrop of festive glittering lights offering stylish shopping, great restaurants and a jam-packed events program.

The much-loved Glasgow Christmas Markets will be sure to please with a variety of colorful stalls. Whether shopping for a special gift or looking for a bite to eat, the Market offers a selection of unique gifts, hand-crafted products and cuisine from around the world set in a village of festive rustic cabins and stalls.

LEEDS: 13th November – 20th December

At Christmas time the Millennium Square in Leeds City Center transforms into a scenic winter village, with more than 40 traditional wooden chalet stalls decorated with festive greenery and glittering colorful lights, themed indoor venues and a traditional Christmas carousel ride.

A continental style festive shopping experience with a variety of gifts offering toys, jewelry, Christmas cards and unique festive decorations. Enjoy a range of seasonal food and drink as you take in the delights of the market. Traditional German delicacies are also available including gluhwein, bratwurst sausages, schnitzels, goulash, stollen, gingerbread, roasted nuts and candied fruits.

LONDON: 20th November – 3rd January

Christmas in the UK wouldn’t be complete without a visit to London’s spectacular Christmas destination – Hyde Parks’ Winter Wonderland. The Park offers winter festivities – something for everyone with FREE admission and a wide array of entertainment offering more than 100 rides and attractions.

For Christmas shoppers, the traditional German Christmas market offers over 200 chalets and the Angels Christmas Market offers unusual handmade gifts and crafts, including ceramics, candles, jewelry, wooden toys, nativity scenes and Christmas decorations.

MANCHESTER: 14th November – 21st December

The original Christmas Markets in the UK started in 1999, and arguably have become the biggest and best in the country with over 9 million visitors a year the Manchester Christmas Markets are the ideal festive outing.

Offering over 300 beautifully crafted stalls with mouth-watering international food, drinks and finely crafted Yuletide gifts in the heart of the bustling city center. Spread across 10 different sites – each with its own unique character – the Manchester Christmas Markets have something to offer everyone young and old alike.

The Markets also offer a designated family site with fun rides and entertainment, including: LED light performers, magicians and street theater – with spectacular views of the Manchester Cathedral and the National Football Museum.

NEWCASTLE: 2nd December – 6th December

Soak up the festive atmosphere as you browse stalls selling everything from alpaca hats and gloves to Christmas cakes, locally brewed beers, fantastic mirrors, beautiful pottery and gorgeous handmade jewelry.

The Newcastle Christmas Market also incorporates the Friday Farmers Market so you can pick up delicious produce in time for Christmas. Santa makes a special appearance and local choirs add to the Christmas cheer.

OXFORD: 10th December – 20th December

The city of spires is filled with festive joy with the Oxford Christmas Market in the heart of the city on beautiful and historic Broad Street.

With the sound of choirs singing Christmas carols, market traders offering unusual and handmade gifts, colorful decorations bright wooden stalls and the aroma of mulled wine and cinnamon filling the air – a visit to the Oxford Christmas Market is a magical Christmas experience.